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One of Top Makers of Butterscotch Bars in Manila Launches New Website

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Pinky’s Goodies, one of the renowned makers of delectable butterscotch bars in Manila, recently unveiled its new website to help their customers shop for their favorite products online. The improved website utilizes a stable and secure e-commerce platform to process online orders.

The website’s crisp design and layout with bright, cheery tones lets visitors experience the welcoming character of the bakeshop. It features a wide selection of signature butterscotch bars, and shows links at the top of the page which lead to a variety of useful information.

To further enhance customer experience, the company integrated an efficient e-commerce system that speeds up the online ordering process. The online store makes purchasing delicious treats easier through its simple shopping cart interface. Customers can view clear, concise descriptions of each product variant, compare their attributes, and add them in their virtual shopping cart. With the streamlined ordering process, customers can receive their favorite pastries at their doorstep in as little as 2 days.

Pinky’s Goodies continues to satisfy their customers’ cravings for sweet treats by creating new butterscotch bar variants and improving on existing ones. The variants available in the online store include Cashew Nuts, Mango, Green Mango, Date and Walnuts, White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and Coffee.

Aside from knowing more about the brand’s gourmet range of products, users can also send inquiries or provide feedback by filling out the form provided in the website. To find out more about their selections, drop by PinkysGoodies.com today.

About Pinky’s Goodies

Pinky’s Goodies was founded in 2008 in the home of Pinky Javelosa-Añonuevo. Starting from their initial offering of their now classic Butterscotch with Cashew, they expanded it to include other variants. Apart from creating delicious butterscotch bars, the bakeshop also offers premium pastries and delicacies like biscotti, yema, ensaymada, meringue and biscocho.


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